Copyright © "+ update + " The Moore Ranch. We hunt our herds of Antelope on the plains and rolling hills as well as around our cottonwood river bottoms. All archery hunters are required to have a Archery License $30, These can be purchased through an authorized selling agent, or if previous arrangements are made we can purchase the license for you and have it available at the ranch when you arrive. We offer 4 Day Antelope only hunts for both Archery and Rifle based out of our Hunting Lodge as it is generally easy to move around and see a wide array of Antelope. We will not refund deposits due to cancellations. At this time, preference points are not available to Wyoming resident hunters for these species. Fishing licenses can be purchased over the counter. Results are commonly available for Antelope on June 30th. Expect to see a lot of animals when you come on an antelope hunt with Big Horn Outfitters! Non-resident Elk: February 1, 2021 Moose, Sheep, & Goat: March 1, 2021 Bison: March 31, 2021 Deer & Antelope: June 1, 2021 Points Only: July 1 - Nov 1, 2021 Results Posted Non resident Wyoming ... . Wyoming hosting a herd near 60,000 has been said to have more antelope than people. Non resident license fees: Adult $286 Youth $124 Hunt Planner > Antelope Hunting > Antelope Map Antelope Hunting Season Dates and Limitations - Preliminary opening dates and limitations are subject to change. Please review our Policies. // End -->. We are after Pope an young class antelope. Our family owned cattle ranches offer over 45,000+ private acres of prime hunting habitat for antelope, mule deer, and elk. 2020 Wyoming Antelope Hunting Rates – Includes lodging at the Hunting Lodge, all meals, transportation, and guide. -  CONTACT,

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The application period for Antelope is January 1st through May 31st. Results are commonly available for Antelope on June 30th. These four counties alone account for over 689 Boone and Crockett entries (over 22% of the entire record book for North America). Hunting pressure is low and annual hunter success is high (Unit 114 has a success rate hovering around 90 percent with hunters spending three and a half days in the field. Some antelope units have leftovers and can then be drawn in the leftover tag drawing this summer. During your stay you will see hundreds of antelope. We will be hunting trophy Antelope, looking for 13 inches in length or more, scores up to 80 inches. Is it possible to get 2 tags as a non resident ? update=copyright.getFullYear(); Arizona. Non-Resident Big Game Wyoming hunting licenses for Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, and Whitetail Deer are on a permit drawing basis. This archery antelope hunt remains the best first-time Western adventure as you will see many animals and have a great opportunity to bring home a trophy. We are located in the Laramie Mountain Range, 30 miles West of Wheatland, Wyoming. Some walking is required for Antelope as we only pursue and take game on the Cross C Ranch with “Fair Chase” methods. There are no hidden charges or trophy fees. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Those tags include elk, deer, antelope, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and spring turkey. We have managed the ranch for trophy mule deer, white tail deer, elk, and antelope for over 30 years. 5 Day Trophy Archery Antelope Hunt Unit 29 Type 1 license $2000 Deposit $800  Considering that there are more antelope statewide than people, Wyoming is antelope hunting heaven. (It is very rare that we are not able to bring in a full Antelope carcass from the field for preparation.). Hunters from around the world come to Wyoming for the best Antelope hunts in the west, Our 5 day Archery Antelope hunts take place in prime Antelope country in a variety of different landscapes. The Rifle Antelope Hunts on the Moore Ranch are simply excellent, you will see hundreds of antelope every day. The Badwater antelope hunt is known for open country and lots of antelope. Unit 29 Wyoming Antelope Rifle Hunting Season is Oct 1st to Oct 15. Also on Sportsmen's Nations #HuntTheNation | Bob Smith/Big Stick … -  OUR HISTORY  -  ARTICLES  Trophy Rifle Antelope Hunt Unit 29 Type 1 license $1800 Deposit $800 Private Land Pronghorn Antelope Hunts! Our Ranch is approx: 36509 acres which half of that we let hunters hunt. Both the northeast and southeast also offer great hunting, but there are fewer public-land opportunities. Look hard at antelope units 22 and 23. The hunting is in Antelope Hunt Unit 38 with 550 antelope buck tags going out to an area almost completely covered in private ranching, which provides a steady population. Please contact us for additional details on application dates, leftover permit availability, and results dates. Antelope Hunting in Wyoming at To check for your draw odds on anything in Wyoming, go to (demand reports) and look for the quota numbers verses the first choice applicants. Thread starter Short Track; Start date Dec 20, 2020; Dec 20, 2020 #1 S. Short Track Senior Member. So if you miss the deadline there is still an opportunity to get a license. Wyoming divides the state into 115 antelope units or “hunt areas”, each with an annual tag quota. As you view both the pictures below and the added gallery you will notice that we can provide a wide arrange of hunting areas for your next Antelope Hunt with a wide selection of genetics and trophies. ANTELOPE: Resident Doe/Fawn: $22.00: If applying for license through drawing, application fee must also be remitted. Price does not include transportation to the ranch, licenses, taxidermy, meat processing or Species License Fee Application Dates Regular Elk $692.00 January 1 - 31 Special Elk $1268.00 January 1 - 31 Regular Deer $374.00 January 1 - May 31 Special Deer $662.00 January 1 - May 31 Regular Antelope … While many states have excellent Antelope hunting, a hunt in Wyoming can be done nearly every year on leftover licenses and ever 2-4 years in a great units through the public draw system. Unit 29 Wyoming Antelope Archery Hunting Season is Aug 15 to Sept 30 Wyoming is not an easy state to get started in for elk hunting, but the deer and antelope tags are readily available to first time nonresident hunters. Our guides will assist or complete the quartering or boning of the carcass with the utmost care and attention to the important value of the meat and any additional extension of the animal. 7) Area-75-1: A definite favorite by many residents, this antelope hunt is probably the perfect blend of quality and quantity of antelope over-all. Any tags that are left after that draw go on sale as first come basis. Wyoming Antelope Hot Spots. Antelope Area's: We hunt a 15,000 deeded acre ranch in northeastern Wyoming, which is literally overrun with trophy class antelope. Peak Adventure Outfitters, LLC offers trophy antelope hunting in Wyoming. *Minimum of 13 inches and at least 72 inch score for all trophy Antelope Rifle Hunts ANTELOPE HUNTING   -  Hunters from around the world come to Wyoming for the best Antelope hunts in the west, Our 5 day Archery Antelope hunts take place in prime Antelope country in a variety of different landscapes. All hunts will be done within short driving distance from our beautiful cabin and we will send a packed lunch with you each day.
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"); Resident Application Fee $5.00. These reddish brown mammals generally run about three feet tall and weigh up to 150 pounds. 25 spring Canyon Rd. PHOTOS Stay tuned for Part 2, which will cover the planning your hunt after you’ve drawn your first Wyoming pronghorn license. This is a family owned business who's dedicated to provide an antelope hunting experience that will last a lifetime. The closet town 'Casper' is only about 28 miles from us, if you need to buy supplies. Guided Antelope Hunts usually average 60 to 120 Antelope bucks a day to glass and judge. Deer and antelope license applications are all done online through the Wyoming Game and Fish website. Season dates and application dates are subject to change by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. You can expect to get 40 – 50+ pounds of boneless meat from a mature class Antelope buck. Elk (Closes 6/1/2021) Bighorn Sheep, Moose, Mountain Goat (Closes 3/1/2021) Spring Turkey (Closes 2/1/2021) Super Tag Raffles (Closes 7/1/2021) Fishing is offered in our stocked ponds free of charge for all hunters & guests. It is one of the few places in the … To learn more about leftover license antelope hunting read our featured article: Wyoming’s Second Chance Antelope. The deposit payment can be paid by a personal check , money order, or certified check, however the balance of the hunt must be paid in cash, money order, or certified check. *We are after Pope and Young Antelope, at the very least!! Looking for an area in Central to Southern part of the State and towards the West side if that is possible. Residents and nonresidents can now apply for all animal tags. Your Antelope hunt starts when we take you to a blind in the morning, we check on you through binoculars every couple hours, and have developed a system were you will hang a “flag” to alert us to a success, then we will come and pick you up and help you with the animal. Access district and public hunting land maps. Non-Resident Big Game Wyoming hunting licenses for Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, and Whitetail Deer are on a permit drawing basis. copyright=new Date(); All hunters are required to have a conservation stamp $12.50 They will be available at the ranch when you arrive at camp. Arizona has a nationwide reputation for antelope hunting. caping. Joined Oct 3, 2017 Messages 431 Location Too far east. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) is accepting hunting license applications for the entire 2021 season. Opening dates, closing dates and limitations for big game hunting seasons are established each year in late April or early May. The Werner ranch is located in the heart of Wyoming’s antelope population. -   MULE DEER HUNTING   -   1 in support, 28 not in support. TRIP INFO  We also use and give full access to our walk-in cooler to store your meat prior to transportation or processing. the Moore Ranch! Archery and rifle antelope hunting on private ground located in northeast Wyoming near Gillette. OPEN APPLICATIONS . Our camp provides you with room and board during your hunt. To be eligible for the drawings, hunters must obtain applications for each species from: Or, click here (Wyoming Game & Fish Apply or Buy) to purchase online. Note: This information is best viewed in landscape mode on mobile phones. The Cross C Ranch is a family owned and operated outfit. Tyler Sims Outfitting LLC offers some of the best Antelope hunting in Wyoming. Antelope . The cost of your hunt does not include the price of your license(s). HUNTING IN WYOMING HUNTING MENU . Archery antelope hunting in Wyoming starts August 15th and ends the last day of September. We also have many blinds available that you can drive to yourself. Antelope Hunting in Wyoming at the Moore Ranch! If you are a Wyoming Resident, you are required to comply with Wyoming Statute § 23-1-102(a)(ix) Wyoming Statute § 23-1-107 by: Reading the Wyoming state statutes listed in the box. Elk (Nonresident Closes 2/1/2021) Deer, Antelope, Res. We are blessed to have several diverse Antelope herds on and around The Cross C Ranch. We have maintained 100% success rates on our rifle hunts, due to our commitment to manage our wildlife at the highest standards possible, and Limiting the amount of hunters we take each year. Come out to the Moore Ranch for a truly great hunting experience. Non-resident Wyoming Game and Fish license fees are: Deer: $389.00 Youth Deer: $125.00 We would like to welcome you to join us on your Wyoming antelope hunt here in South Eastern Wyoming. Antelope Hunting dates start on October 5th and go through October 31st. WGFD first introduced preference points for resident and non-resident bighorn sheep and Shiras moose in 1995. Pronghorn are the fastest land animals in North America which you’ll find out once you hunt them. Wyoming has ALL of the top four counties to kill a record-book antelope in North America: 1) Carbon County, 2) Sweetwater County, 3) Fremont Country, and 4) Natrona County. Public land hunt areas are typically hard to draw. Non resident Application Fee. We consider this a very good hunt especially for those wanting to get started in hunting. If you book as a group of family or friends, you will have the Moore Ranch exclusively to yourselves for the Archery Antelope hunt. You can expect shots anywhere from 10 yards to 25 yards. Average antelope bucks harvested will score between 67-74″. Enjoy the clean, lean, organic meat that grocers or butchers can rarely provide. We have large herd's Doe's and Buck's of Antelope migrating throughout the Ranch hourly each and every day. Add an Antelope to your itinerary and see one of the truly magnificent treasures of the American West! Compared with their body size, their pronged horns are impressive and grow on both sexes, though male horns are bigger. Wyoming Pronghorn Antelope Hunting There are more pronghorns in Wyoming than there are people! See more info here. Our family has been guiding hunters since 1955. It is stocked with rainbow and brown trout. Although Wyoming is a top pronghorn state, you’ll still have to draw a license. document.write("

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