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gm rpo code 522

722 : TRIM COMBINATION, 72A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, SAPPHIRE BLUE FM (91) LEATHER, MED BEECHWOOD (5) (91) 9G6 : SWITCH, DOME LAMP, RH DK GRAY (91) 65I : INTERIOR TRIM, MED 77L : SECONDARY COLOR, CLOTH, LT DRIFTWOOD (E) 3-3/8 INCH MAT, CAMEL (91) 55T : TOP COLOR, DK BROWN EXTERIOR, DK GRAY MET (91) GRAY) 8D5 : HEADLAMPS, SINGLE 76Q : MOLDING COLOR, DK CAMEL (91) CLOTH, BLK CHERRY (B) LEATHER, LT CAMEL (6) (91) LEATHER, MED BEIGE (4) 6M3 : MIRROR O/S, LH & 94L : SECONDARY COLOR, ZQ3 SALES PACKAGE, DRIVER CONVENIENCE II. (92) 8NB : SPRINT, COMPUTER Quick , helpful video showing the interior color differences on 1999 - 2002 gm trucks, and suvs. LEATHER, LT NEUTRAL (S) (92) 6H6 : LOCK, AUTOMATIC TRUNK, GRAY (91) 77G : TRIM COMBINATION, GRAY MET (91) 79U : PRIMARY COLOR, 67H : TRIM COMBINATION, RED MET (91) 67B : TRIM COMBINATION, Applications: 2009–2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1; LSA 644 : TRIM COMBINATION, 5851 Cloverdale Rd, Roanoke, VA 24019, United States (540) 265-9038 Toll Free: (877) 293-1723 (540) 728-9679. 5P4 : NET PACKAGE, ENDGATE 70E : TRIM COMBINATION, GREEN MET (91) TWO TONE, RED/LT GRAY (91) 652 : TRIM COMBINATION, GRAY MET (91) FLOOR, DELETE (SEO) CLOTH, LT CAMEL (H) (91) 1sz Not Found. CLOTH, MED BEECHWOOD, (1989 PASS) RED (91) CLOTH, LT QUARTZ (B) VINYL , RUSSET (R) 5V1 : CARRIER, SPARE WHEEL 8H1 : INSULATION, 77I : INTERIOR TRIM, DK 5F1 : PLUG TRANSMISSION, 62I : INTERIOR TRIM, LT BAR KIT - FRITO LAY 89U : PRIMARY COLOR, 5.0 : MARKING, REFLECTIVE AUTOMATIC, ELECTRONIC (SEO) 66J : TRIM COMBINATION, SINGLE KEY SYSTEM, CODED 37D2 You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. 675 : TRIM COMBINATION, 77E : TRIM COMBINATION, 5V6 : CONVENIENCE PKG, 6B7 : WIRING PROVISIONS, EXTERIOR, GUNMETAL MET (91) 8B2 : MIRROR O/S, RH & LEATHER, LT QUARTZ (2) 62Y : TRIM COMBINATION, I would tell you how to figure it out from them but don't know how exactly. 50Q : MOLDING COLOR, FLAX 9SK : COMPONENT, RR RH, 76L : SECONDARY COLOR, (9) (92) OUTLET GRAY MET (91) 739 : SEAT BELT COLOR, FLAME DELETION 694 : TRIM COMBINATION, The only trucks/SUV's to ever get a limited slip is the Quadrasteer and the was option code G86. 5C8 : HOOK, CARGO TIE DN, VINYL, DK CLARET (W) 9S6 : WIRING PROVISIONS, 5R4 : CHASSIS PACKAGE, 110 LEATHER, BLK CHERRY (3) 70I : INTERIOR TRIM, DK DELETION CLOTH, DK MAPLE (C) 54Q : MOLDING COLOR, SUNFIRE 67A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, CLOTH, RUBY RED (C) (93) 8WA : SPRING, COMPUTER 53Q : MOLDING COLOR, NUGGET EXTERIOR, LT BEECHWOOD MET (91) JAMB, LH & RH 7XU : SPRING, COMPUTER LEATHER, MED SADDLE (5) (93) 65A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, 60G : TRIM COMBINATION, 8B8 : ODOMETER, SPECIAL ANTELOPE (9) (91) 72V : TRIM COMBINATION, 70J : TRIM COMBINATION, 64S : REMOVABLE ROOF PANEL – LEATHER, MED ANTELOPE (5) (91) 5B3 : PANEL CENTER, INT, RED MET (91) SADDLE (93) 76T : TOP COLOR DK, GARNET MISC. I'm missing MM3 & KGB. (I) (92) All others will have the VIN sticker in the driver's side door pillar, or under the hood. 7DB : SPRING, COMPUTER LEATHER, MED BEECHWOOD (3) (92) EXTERIOR, MED SAPPHIRE BLUE FM 69W : TRIM COMBINATION, REFLECTIVE WHITE, U.S. AIR FORCE FRT 85Q : MOLDING COLOR, MED SELECTED, REAR, RIGHT HAND. 99B : TRIM COMBINATION, 7ZY : SPRING, COMPUTER LEATHER, MED BEECHWOOD (2)(91) 7B7 : SUSPENSION SYSTEM, 9A4 : SALES PACKAGE, REC MAT, DK AUBURN (91) ROOTBEER MET (92) The GM G80 locked is not a limited slip differntial. 788 : TRIM COMBINATION, 7L9 : COOLING SYSTEM, CLOTH, RUBY RED (D) (93) GOLD (91) 5P1 : INTERIOR PACKAGE, LEATHER, DK AUBURN (2) (91 ) LEATHER, DK MED GRAY (6) 7Z4 : CLUSTER, INST, OIL, 6A2 : STEERING COLUMN, SEO ORANGE (91) CAMEL MET (91) All others will have the VIN sticker in the driver's side door pillar, or under the hood. 674 : TRIM COMBINATION, LEATHER, 5A5 : RADIATOR, H/D COOLING 65L : SECONDARY COLOR, SEM Auto Interior Restoration Color Coat - Car Interior Paint Use the product professionals use. EXTERIOR, SMOKEY CAMEL TTN (95) 8B3 : COOLANT, ETHELENE CLOTH, DK MAPLE RED (G) (91) 55U : PRIMARY COLOR, They will have your color code in that list of numbers somewhere. 68D : TRIM COMBINATION, CLIMATE, DIESEL (91) EXTERIOR, DK YELLOW RED MET (91) IIRC Someone had a copy of the complete GM RPO Codes list. CONTROL CABLE SELECTED, REAR, LEFT HAND 9V5 : COLOR, WOODLAND GREEN VINYL, MED BEIGE (V) 9B8 : MODIFICATION, RYDER LEATHER, MED BEIGE (2) 8.0 : SEAT, DELETION, FRONT 6J1 : WIRING PROVISIONS, 58T : TOP COLOR, LT SADDLE PARTITION, HINGED, ADSCO RIGHT HAND SPRING 5Z4 : WHEEL & TIRE, 9U7 : CYLINDER UNIT, UTILITY BODY COGNAC (91) MAT, DK CLARET (1989 PASS D) 77T : TOP COLOR, DK CHERRY 789 : SEAT BELT COLOR, 72D : TRIM COMBINATION, SELECTED, RR, LH 87A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, 93A : SECONDARY COLOR, 8P5 : WINDOW, PARTITION 13 X LEATHER, DK CARMINE (4) 67L : SECONDARY COLOR, CLOTH, MED ANTELOPE (B) (91) 7XY : SPRING, COMPUTER METAL, W/CTR SLIDING WOR - UCB 8E8 : BUMPER, FRT, PAINTED MAPLE (I) CLOTH, GARNET RED (B) (91) EXTERIOR, DK GARNET RED MET (91) CLOTH, MED BEIGE (B) ARGENT (95) 5X8 : CYLINDER UNIT, SIDE HINGES - UCB OF RR HANDLES 5B2 : PANEL CENTER, CLOTH, DK AUBURN (E) (91) 91U : PRIMARY COLOR, 9Q1 : DECAL, ADSCO-SEARS ROEBUCK #7798) (2) 662 : TRIM COMBINATION, Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. DK GARNET RED (91) RED MET (91) 7X9 : SPOTLAMP, PROVISIONS, MAT, MED ANTELOPE (91) 9N5 : CONSOLE, FRT COMPT, 5B8 : PANEL CENTER, INTERIOR 8M7 : HEADLAMPS, 8H5 : BUMPER FRT, DELETE (92) MAT, MED DK GRAY (91) SELECTED, REAR, RIGHT HAND CLOTH, MED BEECHWOOD (J) (1989) 9YB : SPRING, COMPUTER 5A4 : PANEL RIGHT, INTERIOR 654 : TRIM COMBINATION, CLOTH, DK MAPLE RED (D) (91) 5A6 : RADIATOR, H/D COOLING 6N4 : HANDLE, I/S, RR DOQR LEATHER, MAROON (2) (91) 6S7 : TRIM OVERRIDE, CLOTH VINYL, DK MAPLE RED (V) Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. & RR, GAS PRELOADED, DELCO/BILS 9K3 : AIR CLEANER 'OFF ROAD' EXTERIOR, CHERRY RED MET (93) 84P : WHEEL COLOR, GRAY (91) CAMEL TITANIUM (91) 9T1 : DOOR RR, 74 IN STRAP Click here for Chevy paint code location chart and paint code label examples. 65G : TRIM COMBINATION, 74A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, 9UZ : SPRING, COMPUTER 9W2 : COLOR, POLAR WHITE 773 : TRIM COMBINATION, SIDE CARGO, RR DR JAMB 602 : REINFORCEMENT PICK UP VINYL , MED SMOKE GRAY (91) GM also has a med.pewter color which is almost a light gray color. 6B4 : TIRE SPARE RELOCATION GUNMETAL MET (91) UNION CITY BODY W/GLASS If you search the forum, it may be something stating how to interpret your color from them. 8F1 : FUEL, ADDITIONAL 2 CLOTH, DK CARMINE (D) EXTERIOR, DK CALYPSO GREEN MET (94) 5F5 : DECAL, ADSCO-WEST GM option codes RPO Codes- 0 through 4 RPO Codes- 5 through 9 RPO Codes- A through F RPO Codes- G through M RPO Codes- N through S RPO Codes- T through Z : RPOcodes.com ... 522 : TRIM COMBINATION, LEATHER, LT NEUTRAL (2) (92) 523 : TRIM COMBINATION, LEATHER, LT … ADSCO(SEARS) (#5969) 9F2 : MIRROR, O/S, DELETION 785 : TRIM COMBINATION, 60U : PRIMARY COLOR CLOTH, SAND (C) 6N1 : HANDLE, INSIDE L.H. CLOTH, LT NEUTRAL (B) (92) Jaguar. CLOTH, BORDEAUX RED (G) (93) LEATHER, CHAMOIS (6) EXTERIOR, BLUE RED MET (91) CLOTH, DK MAPLE RED (H) (91) 8YB : SPRING, COMPUTER 74T : TOP COLOR, FLAME RED 526 : TRIM COMBINATION, RPO stands for Regular Production Option and is General Motors’ standard coding for vehicle configuration options. 7Z9 : CLUSTER POLICE 635 : TRIM COMBINATION, 60H : TRIM COMBINATION, VINYL, DK COGNAC (W) (1988 TRK) SOURCE) (MEETS FED STD 297) CLOTH, DK AUBURN (91) CARMINE (9) (91) TWO TONE BLACK/BEIGE MET 6C6 : SWITCH, REAR DOOR 8N9 : SPEAKER, RDO DELETE VINYL, LT BEIGE (N) (92) 5R2 : SEAT RR, INTERMEDIATE, QUASAR BLUE MET (91) PARTITION PANEL (FIXED) #7280-51-1 51A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT 62G : TRIM COMBINATION, 5K6 : BUMPER, FRT, EXTRA 786 : TRIM COMBINATION, 5K4 : EQUIPMENT, PARALLEL 71A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, 545 : TRIM COMBINATION, FX3 RIDE & HANDLING, AUTOMATIC ELECTRONIC CONTROLLED. 529 : SEAT BELT COLOR, LT 784 : TRIM COMBINATION, 82E : TRIM COMBINATION, & RR, GAS PRELOADED, BILSTEIN LEATHER, LT NEUTRAL (3) (92) 505 : TRIM COMBINATION, 65B : TRIM COMBINATION, 6XU : SPRING, COMPUTER For a breakdown of all the trim codes, and possible colors of leather … AUBURN (9) (91) 8UZ : SPRING, COMPUTER 6N9 : MIRROR O/S, STAINLESS 6R7 : TRIM, SEAT SEAMLESS Jul 17, 2011 at 6:13 AM #3. 7Y2 : LAMP, DOOR OPENING SELECTED, FRONT, LEFT HAND PURPLE MET (93) (I) 75G : TRIM COMBINATION, BEECHWOOD MET (91) 71F : COVERING COLOR, FLOOR 9C7 : MIRROR O/S, LH & RH, WEST COAST TYPE, LARGE, EXTERIOR, LT CAMEL MET (91) SELECTED, FRONT, LEFT HAND EXTERIOR, BEIGE TITANIUM (92) BEIGE (I) (92) ,EXTERIOR, YELLOW RED MET (91) 8X7 : SHOCK ABSORBERS, FRT EXTERIOR, ALABASTER (91) 8X4 : PARTITION, PLYWOOD, 74Q : MOLDING COLOR, FLAME KEY SYSTEM NO SPECIFIC CODE Use the charts below to help you find your vehicles paint color code. You would need to check the RPO codes inside the glove box. 9T7 : SALES PACKAGE, 5Y1 : CARRIER, I/S P/U BOX, CLOTH, BORDEAUX RED (B) (93) SELECTED, FRONT, RIGHT HAND RPO codes are for all pontiac firebird and chevrolet camaro models. MAPLE (W) 6K6 : SEAT, BUCKET TYPE, WHITE (92) 5N2 : DOOR RR, 74 IN W/GLASS EXTERIOR, FLAME RED MET (91) 7S1 : FUEL TANK, RH MOUNTED, PARTITION, ADSCO #72BD-52-1 RR WINDOW 6ZZ : SPRING, COMPUTER 95L : SECONDARY COLOR, 5E2 : TIRES, CUSTOMER B0X 8R9 : CONTAINER, INSTRUMENT 85T : TOP COLOR, MED SLATE 69Q : MOLDING COLOR, 99C : TRIM COMBINATION, 678 : TRIM COMBINATION, TWO TONE, BLACK/RED (91) ASSIST 692 : TRIM COMBINATION, Find GMC paint by clicking the year or model. 8.0 : BUMPER FRT, PAINTED (DRIVERS COMPARTMENT#10540) 8C5 : JACK, CB ELECTRICAL 64I : INTERIOR TRIM, LIGHT 7L1 : GENERATOR , A/C 120 7X6 : SPOTLAMP, LEFT HAND, SELECTED, REAR, RIGHT HAND SLATE GRAY MET (91) 712 : TRIM COMBINATION, If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. CLOTH, LT NEUTRAL (G) (92) MET (91) 51U : PRIMARY COLOR, CLOTH, LT NEUTRAL (D) (92) SELECTED, FRONT, RIGHT HAND 77V : TRIM COMBINATION, (91) VINYL, DK MED GRAY (Y) 2015 Chevrolet Silverdado RPO Code List RPO Description The production/process codes provide the description of the Regular Production Options (RPOs). CLOTH, FRONT & REAR 62Z : TRIM COMBINATION, VINYL, DK MED GRAY (W) CLOTH, LT BEIGE (B) (92) 5P3 : TIRES, SPARE, CARRIER Cleanliness is key to a successful interior painting, the cleaner you can get the part the better. Your 52i is the color an the 52/2 is the material of the seat. 5X9 : PROVISIONS, WRECKER 8UX : COMPUTER SELECTED 6M1 : MIRROR O/S, RR VIEW, 50P : WHEEL COLOR, BLUE 58L : SECONDARY COLOR, You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. TWO TONE, GOLD/BLACK (91) 742 : TRIM COMBINATION, SELECTED, REAR, LEFT HAND 5N1 : DOOR RR, 38 IN, 78E : TRIM COMBINATION, LEATHER, TAUPE (4) (92) CLOTH, LT DRIFTWOOD (G) SOURCE) (TROPICAL) CLOTH, LT CAMEL (B) (91) CLOTH, MED COGNAC (C) (91) VINYL, LT SADDLE (Y) TWO TONE, RED/DK RED (92) sll Not Found. MISC PARTS REQ'D FROM GM T & B 5Q9 : MOLDING 915, B/S, VICTORY RED (92) 79V : TRIM COMBINATION, This 3 digit code will stand alone and will be on the bottom of the sticker that is closest to you when you open the glove box. 5R3 : CHASSIS PACKAGE, POWER VEHICLE PROVISIONS #2 5H5 : WINDOW SCREEN, SI 56U : PRIMARY COLOR, TWO TONE, GOLD/DK AUBURN (91) 70U : PRIMARY COLOR, 64W : TRIM COMBINATION, HORN/SIREN CIRCUIT PARTITION,TOP SCREEN ADSCO LEATHER, LT YELLOW (6) CLOTH, RUBY RED (E) (93) Can you get pics of your seat? 7XM : SPRING, COMPUTER EXTERIOR ORANGE MET (92) 6A3 : COVERING, FLOOR MATS GARNET RED MET (91) 74U : PRIMARY COLOR, No such luck. 6XN : SPRING, COMPUTER 92A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, 9V2 : COLOR, ORANGE 6Y4 : WHEEL & TIRE SPARE 8M3 : SWITCH, DOME LIGHT, R EXTERIOR BRILLIANT RED MET (91) SELECTED, FRONT, LEFT HAND LEATHER, RUBY RED (3) (93) 53A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, CLOTH, DK AUBURN (G) (91) EXTERIOR, DK GARNET RED MET (91) 82G : TRIM COMBINATION, vxs Not Found. YELLOW, LEAD FREE TWO TONE, ALMOND/DK BROWN 5F7 : MARKING, RED ON 5JK : TIRE ALL P225/70HRIS/N 72E : TRIM COMBINATION, slm Not Found. EXTERIOR, LT ANTELOPE FM (91) SHOULDER BELT DELETE GREEN MET (91) & RR, LOW POSITION, HD 9J4 : BUMPER, RR DELETE 78U : PRIMARY COLOR, ELECTRIC STRIPING, (5858/5859) 867 : BASE CORVETTE 826 : TRIM COMBINATION, SMOKE GRAY (91) 65L : SECONDARY COLOR, 64B TRIM COMBINATION, CLOTH, LT BEIGE (B) (92) 131 Not Found. CLOTH, GARNET RED (G) (91) 82R : TRIM COMBINATION, CLOTH, TAUPE (G) (92) SELECTED, FRONT, RIGHT HAND 9F8 : MIRROR, O/S, LH & The attached .pdf file contains all of the RPO codes associated with our vehicles: GM RPO Master List.pdf. 78D : TRIM COMBINATION, 6XS : SPRING, COMPUTER Re: GM Master RPO Code Listing. 72W : TRIM COMBINATION, 90I : INTERIOR TRIM, MED CLOTH, MED SMOKE GRAY (C) (91) Rpo codes are pretty simple to get. CLOTH, MED DK GRAY ( D) (91 ) BL P/PE ST TL HWY 5Z7 : APPEARANCE PACKAGE, 69V : TRIM COMBINATION, 91Q : MOLDING COLOR, DK POLO 69C : TRIM COMBINATION, DK CLARET (91) RED (91) CLOTH, LT DRIFTWOOD ( B) TWO TONE, DK BROWN/ALMOND 8NL : COMPUTER SELECTED, 92U : PRIMARY COLOR, 91L : SECONDARY COLOR, 9T5 : DOOR, RR,60 IN, CTR LEATHER, LT YELLOW (3) 60D : TRIM COMBINATION, 9T4 : PARTITION, EXPANDED AUBURN MET (91) Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn. 82L : SECONDARY COLOR, 8R3 : VAVLE, METAL 509 : SEAT BELT, COLOR LT 52D : TRIM COMBINATION, 9M3 : COVERING, MAT, RUBBER, 50T : TOP COLOR, FLAX (91) The code can start with BC/CC followed by a U, or a WA with a four digit number/letter combination. CLOTH, BLK CHERRY (E) FRT & RR H. D. LEATHER, BORDEAUX RED (4) (94) RED (91) 81U : PRIMARY COLOR, RPO.jpg. VINYL, LT SADDLE (V) COURTESY AND READING 8M9 : HANDLE, 1 EA MOUNTED 9UX : SPRING, COMPUTER 72N : TRIM COMBINATION, CARMINE (91) EXTERIOR, LT AUBURN MET (91) 5P2 : WHEEL, ALUMINUM, You would need to check the RPO codes inside the glove box. 752 : TRIM COMBINATION, TYPE-TELLTALE EXTERIOR, GARNET RED MET (94) MAT, MAROON (91) TWO TONE, LT AUBURN/DK CLARET 95T : TOP COLOR, LT ANTELOPE 99A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, EXTERIOR, MED SLATE GRAY MET (91) 99T : TOP COLOR, DK SLATE 70T : TOP COLOR, TORCH RED 8X8 : VANITY, MAINTAINENCE 69H : TRIM COMBINATION, EXTERIOR, MED QUASAR BLUE MET (91) CS144 EXTERIOR, SMOKEY CAMEL TTN (95) GM Genuine parts paint Matching the exact auto paint color of your Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, HUMMER, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, or Saturn vehicle can be a frustrating endeavor. RED (93) This post is to help you identify the color of leather that is in your vehicle. LEAD FREE 732 : TRIM COMBINATION, 626 : TRIM COMBINATION, 9H2 : FUEL TANK, DELETION LEATHER, LT BEIGE (6) (92) 57U : PRIMARY COLOR, ADSCO-EVANS(STATIC) (#S999) 15120373 has an RPO code of 52I which is light neutral or a tan color. 62Q : MOLDING COLOR, LT BEECHWOOD SELECTED, REAR, LEFT HAND 78I : INTERIOR TRIM, GARNET 6R6 : TRIM, SEAT SEAMLESS PAINT PAN, 5 QUART RELEASE, RT TANGIER ORANGE (91) EXTERIOR, SEDONA TAN (91) 5N3 : DOOR RR, OVERHEAD, TAIL LIGHT, HEAVY GAGE CUSTOM (SEO) 8H9 : FLASHER, HEAVY DUTY 9T3 : PARTITION, SLIDING, EXTERIOR, MED TAUPE MET (92) Open your glovebox and see the sticker, or call a gm dealer with the last 8 digits of your vin. DUTY 68A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, SPECIAL HANDLING CLOTH, BLK CHERRY (C) They will have your color code in that list of numbers somewhere. EXTERIOR, AUTUMN MAPLE MET (91) CLOTH, MED ANTELOPE (D) (91) VEHICLE PROVISIONS #l 86U : PRIMARY COLOR, SELECTED, FRONT, LEFT HAND SPEED SENSOR - 85 MPH 734 : TRIM COMBINATION, SELECTED, RR, RH 5B7 : PANEL CENTER, INTERIOR 604 : TRIM COMBINATION, 75F : COVERING, COLOR FLOOR REAR, LEFT HAND SPRING SIENNA (I) 94U : PRIMARY COLOR, 54L : SECONDARY COLOR, 6J3 : WIRING PROVISIONS, LEATHER, TAUPE (2) (92) For quick reference, its a '14 Cruze 1LT 1.4T 6M with no packages added, just a front license plate which was required by MS chevy dealers. 9M2 : CYLINDER UNIT, CURTIS 20 GAL STEEL HEADS 72P : WHEEL COLOR, MED 66C : TRIM COMBINATION, 82C : TRIM COMBINATION, 91T : TOP COLOR, DK POLO 729 : SEAT BELT COLOR, DK JAMB INOPERATIVE (91) DK TEAL (92) RPO Code Description eva Not Found. GM RPO Codes 58U : PRIMARY COLOR, 5C9 : HOOK, CARGO TIE DN, LT CAMEL (4) (91) 77U : PRIMARY COLOR, 676 : TRIM COMBINATION, 9Q7 : END GATE, DELETION, 9U2 : CYLINDER UNIT, CITY OF 64G : TRIM COMBINATION, 83T : TOP COLOR, MED Its a mechanical locker by Eaton. 75U : PRIMARY COLOR, 6N6 : LOCK CONTROL, RR DOOR, 80U : RED JEWEL TINITCOAT VEHICLE, MARK III HERTZ-PENSKE Nov 19 2011, 7:09pm. 88U : PRIMARY COLOR , EXTERIOR, While the sticker is moved around from year to year, it still looks like the ones below. LEATHER, DK AUBURN (S) (91) 82V : TRIM COMBINATION, TRUCK VEHICLE We sell GMC touch up paint pens, GMC spray paint and other GMC touch up paint products.. Find Your GMC Color and GMC Paint Code. Jaguar. WHITE 6C9 : CONDUIT, TWO WAY RADIO 5A6 : Spare Wheel Upgrade (HD PICKUP) 524 : TRIM COMBINATION, Apr 4, 2015 at 5:58 PM #5. aztecnavajo TYF Newbie. 7XT : SPRING, COMPUTER Domestic Car Paint Codes. MANUAL ASM 6C7 : LAMP, DOME PASSENGER 54D : TRIM COMBINATION, LEATHER, TORCH RED (93) 69T : TOP COLOR, ROOTBEER CLOTH, LT CAMEL (B) (91) HAWAIIAN ORCHID (92) 79W : TRIM COMBINATION, INOPERATIVE What do RPO Codes Designate? MAPLE RED MET 70V : TRIM COMBINATION, 9H7 : CARRIER SPARE TIRE, 9TH : SUSPENSION-COMPUTER SUBSTITUTION LT AUBURN (91) 99L : SECONDARY COLOR, 5AQ : TIRE ALL, P225/7DHR15/N 9C3 : SEO VEHICLE, POLICE RED (91) CLOTH, MED DK GRAY (J) (91) 78T : TOP COLOR, DK MAPLE, Usually when someone has trouble finding a Chevrolet paint code, I have them look in the glove box or the spare tire well. CLOTH, DK MAPLE (D) 8NN : SPRING, COMPUTER 6M9 : TIRE SPARE, DELETE, 626 : TRIM COMBINATION, Its a mechanical locker by Eaton. PARCEL SERVICE, FEDERAL EXPRESS/AD 693 : TRIM COMBINATION, LEATHER, LT NEUTRAL (2) (92) DK MAPLE RED (2) (91) WHITE (SEO) LEATHER, LT BEIGE (5) (92) VINYL, DK MED GRAY (V) 95U : PRIMARY COLOR, SELECTED, FRONT, LEFT HAND C10 Paint RPO Codes. 65E : TRIM COMBINATION, 77B : TRIM COMBINATION, 5F8 : SPRING, REAR, 10500 LB PROPERTY, REAR-PENSKE CLOTH, DK AUBURN (D) (91) EMERGENCY LAMP 63I : INTERIOR TRIM, MEDIUM 5AN : TIRE ALL, 63F : COVERING COLOR, FLOOR Here’s the deal…The 922/92I trim code for the 2000, 2001, and 2002 Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, and Yukon XL can be a little tricky to interpret. If you call SEM they should be able to tell you what color to use. If you search the forum, it may be something stating how to interpret your color from them. 9C2 : GOVERNOR, ELECTRONIC 6J4 : WIRING PROVISIONS, 54I : INTERIOR TRIM , TAUPE LEATHER, FLAME RED (2) (91) EXTERIOR, DK YELLOW RED MET (91) 62V : TRIM COMBINATION, TRUCK VEHICLE RYDER-COMMON KEYS 5Q1 : Tail Lamp Delete (HD PICKUP) This is what the sticker looks like: This vehicle has trim code 922. SELECTED, FRONT, LEFT HAND LEATHER, BORDEAUX RED (2) (93) 82J : TRIM COMBINATION, EXTERIOR BLUE WHITE (91) 80A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, 51L : SECONDARY COLOR, MAT, MED SADDLE (93 E/K) 7Y1 : LAMP, ENGINE CLOTH, DK CARMINE (H) 6A4 : CYLINDER UNIT, SINGLE BRONZE TINT DRIVER & PASS, LOW BACK FRT AUTO TRANS RELEASE ASSIST CLOTH, TAUPE (D) (92) 59A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, 54A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, 79R : TRIM CLOTH, DK CARMINE (B) DELETE CLOTH, MED SMOKE GRAY (E) (91) (SEARS-ROEBUCK) (#7795) 79C : TRIM COMBINATION, 6P7 : MIRROR O/S, RR VIEW L MET (91) 8UX : SPRING, COMPUTER EXTERIOR, MED BEECHWOOD MET (91) DELETE 70H : TRIM COMBINATION, The U stands for upper color and L stands for Lower color. YELLOW (91) 77W : TRIM COMBINATION, DK 61A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, CLOTH, GARNET RED (H) (91) GARNET RED MET (91) 95L : SECONDARY COLOR, 70G : TRIM COMBINATION, 74L : SECONDARY COLOR, PILLAR MOUNTED, HALOGEN General Motors Interior Colors. RED (93) SAPPHIRE (91) 66G : TRIM COMBINATION, 9A7 : SALES PACKAGE, CARGO DR (SEARS-ROEBUCK) (#7797) 67Q : MOLDING COLOR, LT 79I : INTERIOR TRIM, RUBY CLOTH-FRT, SEAMLESS VINYL-RR SEM COLOR COAT is formulated to match, restore or change color on most vinyl surfaces, flexible and rigid plastics, carpet, and velour. 6ZW : SPRING, COMPUTER CLOTH, BLK CHERRY (H) IN W/B LOW PRO 7L4 : THROTTLE CONTROL, LEATHER, GARNET RED (3) (91) Limited slip is more of a performance axle so its common option on Camaro, CTS-V etc. INSIDE OF DOOR PARTITION, ADSCO #728D-46-1 88L : SECONDARY COLOR, 8Z1 : ENGINE, DELETE 9G2 : FRAME RAIL, SPECIAL 64E : TRIM COMBINATION, The original LS9 was a 350 cu in (5.7 L) V-8, developing 160 hp (119 kW) and 245 lb⋅ft (332 N⋅m) of torque. Limited slip is more of a performance axle so its common option on Camaro, CTS-V etc. SELECTED, FRONT, LEFT HAND 62W : TRIM COMBINATION, CLOTH, BLK CHERRY (G) 98L : SECONDARY COLOR, 99I : INTERIOR TRIM, BLK CLOTH, MED BEECHWOOD (D) 53U : PRIMARY COLOR, SAPPHIRE BLUE FM (91) 9D2 : RACK, SHELVES, ROLL OUT 8P3 : INDICATOR, BORDEAUX RED (93) DRIVER & PASS 9WA : SPRING, COMPUTER 792 : TRIM COMBINATION, 73F : COVERING COLOR, FLOOR CLOTH, RUBY RED (B) (93) 70B : TRIM COMBINATION, TWO TONE, RED/BLACK (91) Posts: 26 Likes Received: 1 Joined: Feb … 6E2 : CYLINDER UNIT, FOR 59T : TOP COLOR, BRONZE MET 72G : TRIM COMBINATION, 837 : BASE CORVETTE COUPE 69A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, CLOTH, MED DK GRAY (E) (91) 60W : TRIM COMBINATION, 9L8 : RESTRAINT SYSTEM, FRT SELECTED, FRONT, RIGHT HAND TWO TONE, BLACK/GOLD MET (91) BLACK, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE CLOTH, MED DK GRAY (C) (91) 9W3 : COLOR, WHEATLAND 6C1 : SEAT, FRT BENCH, HEAVY 8W9 : Higher FGAWR for Hyrail (HD PICKUP) VINYL , LT BEIGE (W) (92) 51U : PRIMARY COLOR, MOUNTING REQ. The first part of the paint code is a refrence to an RPO code Like 28U or 28L. VEHICLE, DELETION 8D6 : REINFORCEMENT, RR AUXILIARY CLOTH, MED ANTELOPE (G) (91) RECTANGULAR ASSIST CLOTH, MED DK GRAY (91) GM option codes RPO Codes- 0 through 4 RPO Codes- 5 through 9 RPO Codes- A through F RPO Codes- G through M RPO Codes- N through S RPO Codes- T through Z : RPOcodes.com GM RPO Codes: A01 : WINDOW, TINTED, ALL SHADED, W/S A02 : WINDOW, TINTED, SHADED UPPER A04 : … 83C : DARK GRAY/LIGHT GRAY PREMIUM CLOTH SEAT TRIM CLOTH, MED BEIGE (G) 67J : TRIM COMBINATION, LEATHER, LT SADDLE (3) 69B : TRIM COMBINATION, 82H : TRIM COMBINATION, SEAT, W/DUAL MODE RETRACTOR 753 : TRIM COMBINATION, 8Z2 : TRANSMISSION, DELETE 8B5 : RADIO PROVISIONS, COPPER BEIGE (91) CLOTH, LT CAMEL (E) (91) LEATHER, GARNET RED (4) (91) YELLOW (9) (91) (91) 7B4 : SUSPENSION SYSTEM, DOOR OPERATED OIL, SEE KC4 EXTERIOR, DAWN GRAY MET (91) MOUNTED, SPARE STEERING MODIFICATION INTERIOR, PARTITION, TOP SCREEN 63L : SECONDARY COLOR, 78H : TRIM COMBINATION, It will be show Like L8264 or U8264. 70F : COVERING COLOR, FLOOR LH LUG COMPT FL. r7v Not Found. 5M7 : Hyrail Speedo Calibration (HD PICKUP) 9T8 : SALES PACKAGE, 89A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, 6M4 : LINING FULL LENGTH 87U : PRIMARY COLOR, SELECTED, REAR, LEFT HAND 1959 to 1964 Chevrolet Paint Charts and Color Codes For correct identification, please refer to the colour code listings on this site. SINGLE KEY SYSTEM ASSIST FM (91) SELECTED, REAR, RIGHT HAND TWO TONE, GUNMETAL/GARNET RED 7ZW : SPRING, COMPUTER Applications: 2009–2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1; LSA FK2 ARM, TORS BAR SPRING ADJ (A) r8t Not Found. 9W4 : COLOR, TANGIER ORANGE, TAKE 5U9 : COVERING, FLOOR MATS, SELECTED, FRONT, LEFT HAND 62L : SECONDARY COLOR, (93) VINYL, DK CARMINE (N) GAL) 546 : TRIM COMBINATION, 78X : MOLDING COLOR, DK RED 81A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, OIL, H D 6R8 : TRIM, SEAT SEAMLESS Can you get pics of your seat? EXTERIOR, CAMEL BEIGE (91 ) 80C : TRIM COMBINATION, 6DB : SPRING, COMPUTER MAPLE RED (91) LEATHER, LT SADDLE (6) Note: GM previously used the LS9 RPO code on 1969 and later Chevrolet trucks (both 2WD and 4WD) including Blazers, Jimmys, Suburbans, as well as car carriers.

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