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effects of staying up late

We all know that high blood pressure is caused by too much stress. Why Late Nights Are Bad for Your Immune System. As well as having a harder time falling asleep, you will also have trouble staying asleep. – Ate half as much fruits and vegetables. Typically, the aforementioned physiological response occurs at approximately 9 PM – a time when night owls, although not completely alert, are far from nodding off. There are too manyreasons to prove that stayinguplateis a bad habit, and it might affect people’s whole life. It can cause a variety of harms to human body. Light-cycle disruptions were shown to increase “proinflammatory immune cells that protect against bacterial and fungal infections.”. The human brain and body are designed to have a rest period when they have just missed sleep. So it’s a little like being drunk. People sleeping late tend to have sleeping pills, which further increases the stress levels. To date, abnormal white matter levels have been linked to depression and impaired cognitive function. As long as you're getting enough zzz's, stay up however late you like if it works for you. Our immune systems are inextricably linked to a predisposed sleep and wake cycle – the... 2. Continuous sleep loss leads to serious... 2. In its “natural” state, our circadian rhythm is programmed for 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark; when this internal body clock is toyed with, our immune system suffers. This impairs their daily life. All rights Reserved. However, Glatter has a tip: eat something light if you're noshing late at night. Bad Effect of Staying Up Late and the Adjustment Methods you ever missed your work/class or failed on concentrating on one thing after stayinguplate? The dangers of staying up late for mental health should not be underestimated, namely depression. The SCN, in addition to producing melatonin, fires signals to parts of the brain that control body temperature and hormone levels. Late-night binges are all-too familiar to anyone who’s pulled an all-nighter studying or … Retrieved March 30, 2017, from, Parker-Pope, T. (2011, November 18). Sleeping late leads to mental illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease. Not only that, studies show, people who stay up late generally eat unhealthy foods high in fat and calories. Here are some specific findings of the study; night owls: – Ate 248 more calories throughout the day. “There is no doubt that adequate duration and quality sleep is important to our health,” said Peter Yau, MD, a pulmonologist on the medical staff at Scott & White Memorial Hospital – Temple who specializes in sleep medicine. Many people on their days off from work, or students during their breaks, stay up late at night and sleep in late in the morning. I despise mornings. FCC Classifies Huawei and ZTE as Threats to National Security Clubic Huawei and ZTE are officially considered threats to American national security PhonAndroid It’s official, Posted on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 4:16 p.m. By B. Bertskin A serious traffic accident occurred this Monday evening in the rue du Bois, Former Minister of Defense for the YES movement Karla Šlechtová became infected with coronavirus. Some people naturally gravitate to staying up late, and while genetics do play a major role in establishing your body clock, some research is suggesting later bedtimes could be bad for your health. As is well known, high blood sugar levels are the main cause of heart and kidney disease. Also read: Staying up late can lose weight only a myth, why is that? Who was sitting in the house around her? Â. (2017). Dr. Phylliss Zee, senior author of the study, states: “When sleep and eating are not aligned with the body’s internal clock, it can lead to changes in appetite and metabolism, which could lead to weight gain.”. What this means for night owls is underproduction of melatonin and – as less melatonin is available – disruptions to the hormone’s various functions. Science, 342(6159), 727-730. doi:10.1126/science.1243884, Power of Positivity uses cookies to help us improve our site. (2017). Melatonin and Sleep. Night owls might get a rap for staying up too late watching Netflix or getting lost in meme spirals on the web, but it’s not all fun and games. Lack of sleep can also trigger micro sleep or snooze unconsciously for a few seconds. 1. Finally, our health condition will be degraded. Retrieved March 30, 2017, from, Norton, E. (2013, November 7). Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland that regulates sleep and wakefulness. Even if you’re not a night owl, you might just find it … Greek yogurt with some berries and nu… "If you do keep late hours, stick with foods that are easy-to-digest, healthy carbs but not excessive amounts of protein, fiber, or fat. Also read: Sleep too late and wake up late, what are the consequences? Always has been, and probably always will be. Three things have helped me stick to my bed time. – There is a point in the prohibition of staying up late because it has a bad effect on health. © 2009-2021 Power of Positivity. I … The result of staying up too often can also change your diet to be unhealthy. Normally, frequent staying up late will lead to fatigue and degraded immunity. Therefore, your body doesn't have enough antibodies. Obesity : Less hours of sleep forces your body to produce more amounts of hunger hormone ghrelin, when this happens people tend to feel hungrier than usual. If you stay up late and wake up early, the next day you would find out that your temper would worsen and are in bad mood. Therefore, objectivity is required, and therefore we’ll (albeit, grudgingly) oblige. Learn how your comment data is processed. Theoretically, by waking up 20 minutes earlier each day (at the latest, 6 am) and hitting the lights, the brain can slowly recalibrate. In fact, quality sleep at night with a regular schedule is important to support organ performance, metabolism, to maintain endurance. . Look at all the gadgets, cre... Our passion is to serve and bring the best possible positive information, news, expertise and opinions to this page. Exposure to light stimulates a pathway from the retina of the eye to the brain’s hypothalamus, where the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) is located. Staying up very late disrupts the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, which can affect a person’s mental functioning and energy levels the next day. Here are 5 negative effects that *sniff, sniff, tear* staying up late has on your body: 1. Scientists at Aachen University in Germany administered brain scans of 59 people categorized into three groups: 16 early risers, 23 night owls, 20 and “intermediates.” Analyzing the scan results, scientists concluded that night owls possessed less “white matter integrity” in various areas of the brain. “We’ve known for years now that people who engage in shift work, at night, are at much greater risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and a host of other problems.” – Dr. Courtney Peterson, Physician at Pennington Biomedical Research Center, You are likely one of two kinds of people: a “morning lark” or a “night owl.” Like the pull of the North and South poles, people gravitate to one or the other on the “morning/night tolerance scale.”. But I was always tired and taking naps. By viewing, you agree to our. bad effects of staying up late for health, Manchester City reach League Cup final after defeating Manchester United, Storming the Capitol: NBA stars denounce inequality, FCC classifies Huawei and ZTE as threats to national security – Clubic. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Kevin O'Leary, Anna Wintour, and President Obama are among many who rise at … Retrieved March 30, 2017, from, Wikipedia. Your email address will not be published. Your voice will eventually become rough and hoarse when you develop the habit of going to bed late and waking up early. ... the United Kingdom found "night owls" … Studies in the 1990s indicate … If you’re prone to bouts of acne, you are at greater risk of breaking out thanks to a poor night’s sleep. Called the period-3 gene, the “long version” of period-3 are morning larks, while those with the “short version” are owls. Breaking out. 1, staying up late can easily lead to physical decline, even if young people often stay up late also easily lead to decreased immunity. Henry Ford once stated that people who don’t think they can do something certainly wouldn’t accomplish anything. Denying your body sleep may cause you to be stressed out and hence end up with high blood pressure. As this writer leans heavily to the “owl” side of the scale, it brings me no joy to bring disheartening news to my fellow night owls. I have difficulty breathing, writes the infected Šlechtová. Getting a consistent eight-hour sleep every night can seem near impossible. Here is some interesting research-based info about sleep/wake cycles: – There is no observed correlation with intelligence, success, and one’s sleep/wake cycle. I hate my life. Changes in sleep patterns that are erratic, for example sleeping regularly on weekdays and staying up late every now and then every week can cause “jet lag“. Serious impacts of staying up late to your body 1. Weakens the immune system Sometimes they sleep for more than 10 hours and when they wake up they feel so groggy, without the will and power to do anything, as if they haven’t slept at all. Giving unsolicited advice isn't as helpful as you may think it is. In addition, lack of sleep due to staying up late can also reduce creativity and the brain’s ability to solve problems. Please see our Privacy Policy | Terms of Service. Good quality sleep is part of the body’s natural healing process. Be careful, research reveals the effects of staying up late for health can also increase the risk of heart disease. You may have heard that going to bed early is good to your body. – There is a point in the prohibition of staying up late because it has a bad effect on health. 12 Side Effects of Staying Up Late To Harm Your Health Note: PLEASE READ MY MEDICAL AND HEALTH DISCLAIMER FOR MORE INFORMATION. Staying up late over the weekend combines with anticipatory workweek stress to keep you up late. The other person may become offended, irritated, ... It’s astounding what women have done in the name of beauty since the beginning of time. 7 Ways Staying Up Late Could Be Harmful To Your Health 1. Retrieved March 30, 2017, from, Gallardo, M. (2011, May 4). Night Owls and Early Risers Have Different Brain Structures. 1. (Sorry, Ben Franklin). Staying up late and sleeping in every morning is also associated with a greater tendency for risk-taking, according to a 2014 study in Evolutionary Psychology. Staying up late to finish homework and waking up early to get ready for school keeps students from receiving the recommended amount of sleep. Before giving credit where it’s due: to science, research, and…(ugh) “morning people”…a short tirade. Some studies say, the effect of staying up all night on the brain is similar to a person drunk with alcohol. Not staying up late. Your email address will not be published. Retrieved March 30, 2017, from, Brodwin, E. (2015, April 9). In order to stay awake, people who stay up late tend to eat late at night. Also read: Bad effects staying up late can cause pimples to appear, how come? This is an interesting point as it indicates that staying up late is a very unnatural behavior. These negative effects have caused school officials to consider changing school start in order “White matter” in the brain is a fatty tissue that facilitates communication between neurons; how the brain sends signals various areas of the body to turn “on” or “off.”. Here’s the kicker: weekends are no exception. According to Sleep FoundationSo far, many people stay up late just to finish serials, play games, or party with friends. We want to help our community find and shine their inner light - the truth of love, light, and positivity that is within us all! Did I ACTUALLY get 8 hours of sleep, because it feels like I just FELL asleep! Young people develop a bad habit of staying up late, will harm the male spermatogenesis. I used to stay up late squeezing a few more hours of whatever in before finally going to sleep. – It is possible, though difficult, to change from an owl to a lark. The brain and body are finely tuned to adapt to changes in the environment, including self-inflicted ones (i.e., habits.) 7 am? When sleeping well, the immune system helps the body fight disease or infection. I live alone. For example, an employee working on a project who is late 10 minutes each day for a week loses nearly an entire hour of work. The Side Effects Of Staying Up Late Weaker immune system Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) Weight Gain Hormonal imbalance Lowered work efficiency High blood pressure Staying up late … However, if people often stay up late, the secretion of these two substances will be gravely impacted. In a study published in the journal Science, researchers observed the negative effects of tinkering with the circadian rhythm. An employee who isn't working when he's supposed to is an immediate loss of productivity. Really? Your resistance would drop which makes you catch a cold easily. – Had a higher body mass index (BMI), a measure of body weight.Â. If you keep on staying up until 2:00 am, you might one day wake up in the hospital with a severe case of high blood pressure. Skin damage I decided I’d rather go to bed early and get the sleep I need than be tired and groggy the next day. Here’s a second uncomfortable truth: science has largely nullified any counterargument to the contrary. Regularly staying up late could be deadly, study finds ... reason why being a morning person matters: Your risk of death may be lower. Micro sleep can be dangerous, especially for a person driving a vehicle. Yes, this writer is a night owl. Retrieved March 30, 2017, from, The National Sleep Foundation. You may call yourself a night owl, but the reality of sleep deprivation is that staying up too late is bad for your health. Sleeping late has adverse effects on your voice tone and quality. 11 Time to resume for the handball players of C’Chartres MHB. Another bad impact of staying up late is causing drowsiness during the day until micro sleep. Mom would probably advise that staying up late will make you cranky in the morning, but that may not be the case. For each hour of “jet lag” that shifted sleep hours, the risk of heart disease in people who stayed up increased by 11 percent. Whether you’re staying up late to cram as a student, having a big night with friends or binging a new series on Netflix, hitting the sack consistently by 10pm is hard to do. You may have heard that sleeping is important to your health. TH17 Cell Differentiation Is Regulated by the Circadian Clock. But I’m also a big proponent of the scientific method; observation, proof, evidence, all that. A nearly immediate effect of going to bed after midnight is that it throws off your natural circadian rhythms, governed by your SCN, and this may lead to insomnia. So You Think You Can Be a Morning Person? Staying up late might be bad for your health – but not because you’re getting less sleep. 2. However, there are a lot Frequently, late employees hinder productivity on a bigger level than an employer might initially realize. This poor diet can cause blood sugar levels to spike, high cholesterol, and are prone to chronic disease. Although experts are still studying the causal relationship between waking up and depression, but for sure the two are interrelated. The alarm clock buzzes and I wish I could haul it from my 4th story apartment window. Here’s the uncomfortable truth, my fellow warriors of the night: it’s bad for your health. Skimping on sleep sets your brain up to make bad decisions. Our immune systems are inextricably linked to a predisposed sleep and wake cycle – the circadian rhythm. Breus, M.J, Dr. (2013, December 1). To do so requires discipline, patience, and time-management. Immune deficiency is also a product of insufficient sleep. Suprachiasmatic nucleus. This condition is normal if it causes drowsiness. All trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners. Getting out of bed late is even more dangerous for chain smokers who will smoke more because they are up till late. Here are some of the bad effects of staying up late for health that should not be underestimated: Launch Bustle, the bad impact of staying up late that should not be ignored is an increase in blood sugar levels. The effects of staying up late for health can also reduce brain function to think. According to a 2007 study published in the journal Sleep, women who didn't get enough sleep showed increased signs of aging skin, including reduced elasticity, more fine lines, and a reduced ability to heal from sunburns.

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